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In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are not currently accepting payments at our local KC Fiber office. Please make all payments online or by mail. This is a temporary situation. Thank you for your cooperation during this outbreak.
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Installer did a great job!


Peter Brickey

You guys were great to work with. Our technician was very kind. Thank you!

Alan Reed

Mike Lord was great! Very friendly and efficient


Kourtney Eldredge
  • Always the best!


Snake Saturday
  • excellent service!


Tony Osborn

Mike did a great job upgrading our service this morning. He was right on time and completed the job quickly. We were only down for about 15 minutes instead of the hour I was expecting. Well done. Thanks!

Brown & Company
Brown & Company

I am so happy to have had this service for 2 of the 3 years I have been in North Kansas City. We had Time Warner(Spectrum now) prior to LinkCity and they just sucked! Their customer service sucked, the internet sucked, and their prices really sucked. For a little more than we paid for 3 months we got LinkCity till the day we move out and that is just awesome. I am truly going to miss the awesome service(if I ever needed to call them) and the great internet, as well as the best price on the planet. Thank you guys so much!

Sam B

The tech you sent out was very courteous and professional and knowledgeable . Did a good job. Rated 5 stars out of 5. Thanks, Bill.

A & N Hardware

Mike Lord was very nice and considerate. He helped me with how the system works and hope the best for him. Thank you

Tim Kerley

Mike was courteous and professional. He went the extra mile to make sure my router was set up as well and our wifi is now COOKIN’!! Thank you so much!

Camille Rippeto

Rebooting vs. Resetting

You may have seen the word "reset" on your router, usually below a tiny pinhole. Pushing this pin does not reset your router in the sense that it turns it off and on. Resetting and rebooting are not the same terms. By pushing the pin, the router has been set to factory settings, as if it were new and out of the box.  This procedure is not recommended by KC Fiber. You will need to go through the router's setup again in order to configure your business static IP address and restore service.

Rebooting requires the power to be unplugged for 10-30 seconds, before plugging it back in. Your settings will not be altered, unless your router is faulty. This procedure is acceptable. Here is some additional information to point you in the right direction. 


What you will need to restore your business internet service

  1. A desktop or laptop
  2. If applicable, an Ethernet cable or WiFi connection
  3. Your static IP address assigned by KC Fiber. Please contact KC Fiber for this information. 


Connect to your router via Ethernet or WiFi

You do not need an internet connection to configure your router. You only need to be connected to it locally via Ethernet cable or WiFi. If you opt for an Ethernet cable, plug one end into the "internet port" on your laptop or desktop computer. Next, plug the other end of the cable into a "LAN" or "Ethernet" port on the back of your router. Depending on your router, these ports may be a group of two to four ports.  If you opt for WiFi, you will find the SSID, or WiFi name, and password on your router. You may find this information, usually on the bottom or sides of the router. 


Router Port Diagram Example

Router LAN Diagram


Open a web browser

The following popular programs are listed web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

In the address bar, you will need to navigate to either or and then press enter. These addresses vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally either address will take you to a login page for your router. You may have noticed this information on the sticker located on your router. You may have also noticed a user name and password, usually the username is "admin" and the password may be "admin", "password", a custom password set by the manufacturer or left blank. 


Router Login Address

URL, Address Bar, router login IP addrses

Router Login Prompt

Router Login Prompt

  • Some routers, like newer Linksys models, will bring you to a Smart WiFi setup page, you will be asked to read the License Terms. You may notice an option for Manual Configuration at the bottom left of the page, please choose this option.
  • You will proceed to the login page, where you will enter the router username and password previously mentioned. 


Familiarizing yourself with the user interface

Once you have successfully logged in to your router, you will be presented with the user interface. Feel free to browse through the categories and menus and switch between any tabs. All manufacturers have different user interfaces and certain technical terms may not translate the same. Browsing the user interface, or UI, will give you a general understanding of how your router's interface is laid out as well as assist you with the next steps.

Start page of a Linksys E2500



Configuring your router with your assigned static IP address

Next we will need to change the Internet Connection Type of your router to use a "Static IP". Depending on the language of your router, this option may located in a different section than the example below. You may need to search for menus or tabs such as: Internet Connection, WAN, Internet Setup, Connectivity, Internet Settings, WAN Setup. Some routers may also display an "edit" link next to the internet connection type, you may need to click "edit" in order to continue. 


Internet Connection Type: Static IP

Once you have located the connection type menu, you will need to choose "Static IP". This option may be located in a drop-down menu, as a radio button, or a checkbox. This is where you will enter the IP information assigned by KC Fiber. Do not add any extra zeros or periods in the boxes. You may see other options such as "Domain Name" or "Domain Login", you do not need these options. 


Internet Connection Type Static IP


Applying the changes

Once the IP information has been entered, you will need to apply the changes. To apply the new settings, click "apply settings", "save", "apply". Your router will apply the new IP address and may reboot as well. Please be aware you will lose connectivity to the user interface and may need to log in again. Please verify connectivity by navigating to any web page. You may also want to verify your internet speed on speed testing sites like: or 

Save Settings


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