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In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are not currently accepting payments at our local KC Fiber office. Please make all payments online or by mail. This is a temporary situation. Thank you for your cooperation during this outbreak. KC Fiber/liNKCity
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  • Always the best!


Snake Saturday
  • excellent service!


Tony Osborn

Mike did a great job upgrading our service this morning. He was right on time and completed the job quickly. We were only down for about 15 minutes instead of the hour I was expecting. Well done. Thanks!

Brown & Company
Brown & Company

I am so happy to have had this service for 2 of the 3 years I have been in North Kansas City. We had Time Warner(Spectrum now) prior to LinkCity and they just sucked! Their customer service sucked, the internet sucked, and their prices really sucked. For a little more than we paid for 3 months we got LinkCity till the day we move out and that is just awesome. I am truly going to miss the awesome service(if I ever needed to call them) and the great internet, as well as the best price on the planet. Thank you guys so much!

Sam B

The tech you sent out was very courteous and professional and knowledgeable . Did a good job. Rated 5 stars out of 5. Thanks, Bill.

A & N Hardware

Mike Lord was very nice and considerate. He helped me with how the system works and hope the best for him. Thank you

Tim Kerley

Mike was courteous and professional. He went the extra mile to make sure my router was set up as well and our wifi is now COOKIN’!! Thank you so much!

Camille Rippeto

We use KC Fiber for our NKC small business internet needs for two reasons: 1. It's the most reliable choice in NKC for consistent fiber up/down speeds. 2. Customer service/Tech responsiveness is amazing. Having tech support that is friendly, fast, and responsive is worth the price alone. We know if we have any issues, we wouldn't have any problems getting help from KC Fiber. Super nice people.

Bob Atkins
Skylab Letterpress

As an entrepreneur and marketing professional, KC Fiber is one of the top reasons I have my business in NKC, as well as living here. So much of my work is internet based and I can't afford for the internet to be down. Service requests are answered quickly and with great professionalism. Customer Support has kept me up and running and doing business. I can hold video conference calls with confidence, live stream our favorite shows/movies and stay on task. We completely cut the cable cord! Thank YOU, KC FIBER!

Mindy Hart Davis

*Dependent on hardware capabilities

Recent News

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Super User News 109
In response to recent events, KC Fiber/liNKCity is temporarily lifting speed limitations for business class customers as of March 16th, 2020. Removing speed limitations will enable KC Fiber/liNKCity clients to utilize increased internet capacity, up to 1Gbps. Please be aware speed results may vary depending on many factors such as hardware capabilities, the method of connectivity (wireless or wired), and/or your network configuration. We have temporarily lifted bandwidth limitations to accommodate the flexibility of people needing to work from home.
Friday, March 06, 2020 Super User News 167
Netgear currently recommends updating the firmware on certain Netgear products. If you own a Netgear router, please check Netgear's support site to see if your router needs a firmware update. You can visit Tom's Guide for more details about this update.