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In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are not currently accepting payments at our local KC Fiber office. Please make all payments online or by mail. This is a temporary situation. Thank you for your cooperation during this outbreak.
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Free monthly, fastest speeds, and no contracts.

The fiber optic network of liNKCity is like no other internet service experience. liNKCity is the only provider to offer a complete, underground fiber network north of the river. Fiber allows the signal to travel faster than traditional internet, providing a reliable connection every time.

All residential packages offer symmetrical speeds allowing customers to download their favorite music at the same speeds they are able to upload pictures to their favorite website.

For existing North Kansas City, MO, 64116, residential customers: In 2015 we began upgrading accounts in good standing to 100mbit service for no monthly fee.  We are happy to report that all upgrades are complete.

For residential customers in the city of North Kansas City, MO, 64116, with existing basic service who want to upgrade to 1gbit (1000mbit) internet service, please call the office to schedule a time to upgrade your service. There is no monthly fee, but there is a $300 activation fee due at the time of the activation, this fee applies to new and existing clients.


Recent News

Monday, August 03, 2020 Super User News 791
As part of our plan to standardize KC Fiber infrastructure, we have decided to make minor changes to the user interface of our webmail server.
Monday, August 03, 2020 Super User News 838
These 45 Netgear products will not be receiving security patches.